Life is a collection of thousands of small moments. All of these moments together make up who we are. I can help you collect your most precious memories in a unique volume, bring order to your archive of family photographs, or surprise a loved one with a book of their own. That way your best photographs won't be buried among thousands on your hard drive, or laying around in boxes - they will be present in a thoughtfully designed book for you and your loved ones to cherish for many years to come.The books featured on this website will give you a feel for how I can work with you to create a book that captures the style of the subject. I can start with any material you have - digital photos, paper photos, film, letters, keepsakes - and digitize it in my studio. I treat every project as an artistic endeavor, and each book is carefully laid out, custom-made and expertly finished. Together we can organize and preserve your treasured photographs and objects in books as beautiful as the memories they represent.